A little bit more about Poowpay

Poowpay is a free web application that will help you keep tracking of your money. With Poowpay you can easily keep control of all your accounts, you can add transactions, scheduling, create your budget and watch our charts that provide you information about your incomes and expenses, and much more. If you want you can see Poowpay’s features.

Internet Browsers

Poowpay recommend the users to use only up-to-date browsers, because old browsers does not provide you recent security updates. Poowpay does not work on "Internet Explorer 7.0 or lower" for security and compatibility reasons. If you use "Internet Explorer 7" we do recommend you to install the version 8.0 that is the latest up-to-date version, if not you will not be able to use Poowpay.

If you want to have a good experience using Poowpay you should use only up-to-date browsers such as Mozilla Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 6+, Opera 10+, Safari 5+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ or any browser that suport the W3C standards. For more information about it you may go to http://www.updateyourbrowser.net

Contact Poowpay

You can contact us at contact@poowpay.com